Mont Blanc White Zap

Mont Blanc White

Mont Blanc White Zap

A premium uncoated SBB board with a special security feature that allows you to distinguish the genuine product from a fake. The engineered paper-board contains a tagging that reacts to a portable reader emitting sound at the point of contact. The result is a board perfect in the area of brand protection, in particular for carton box design.

The excellent whiteness and pleasant surface texture, makes Montblanc with White-Zap the idea product for producing premium/luxury cartons for spirits, health & beauty, jewellery, fashion and design products.

  • Range:            260 to 580gsm
  • Shade:            Bright White (can also be offered in solid black through bespoke making.)
  • Stock:             720 x 1020
  • Availability:    Bespoke gsm available on special making
  • Printing:          litho and digital printing process in combination with various finishing processes.

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